The 9th edition of the Immigration Kit is now available in an online subscription format.

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IARC provides free immigration advice and representation 
refugees and financially disadvantaged immigrants 
New South Wales

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Telephone Advice 02 8234 0799  on Tuesday and Thursday from 2.00pm - 4.00pm

Reception and Inquiries  02 8234 0700

IARC is a not-for-profit registered charity specialising in Australian immigration and refugee law and policy. IARC is a strong advocate in policy and law reform; is a leader in immigration education and continuing professional development for legal and immigration practitioners; and provides free immigration advice and representation to refugees and financially disadvantaged immigrants in New South Wales.

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The Immigration Kit is intended to provide practitioners and the general community with an easy-to-understand guide to Australian immigration law and policy. The 9th edition of The Immigration Kit is being published by IARC for the first time in an online subscription format and is now available to purchase.
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By donating to IARC you are helping us to promote and protect the rights and dignity of disadvantaged refugees and migrants. You are also part of a movement directly influencing the Australian government to change unfair laws affecting people who are already suffering from wars, persecution and discrimination.

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